While the latest travel data reflects the dire situation that we face, it is very useful when speaking with Congress, the administration and government leaders about the urgent need to provide relief to our industry now. We also know that real-time insights are critical to detecting shifts in traveler behavior and sentiment so that you can plan appropriately for the future.

This page will be updated frequently as new travel industry data comes in. Please check back often.

Economic Impact of Coronavirus
A recent analysis by Oxford Economics models the economic impacts of the travel industry from expected downturns in terms of GDP, unemployment and taxes. View the full analysis from March 24.

  • The U.S. economy is projected to lose 5.9 million jobs by the end of April
  • Travel industry losses will result in a GDP impact of $502 billion in 2020
  • Travel declines in 2020 will result in a loss of $62 billion in taxes this year

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Weekly Analysis
New analysis by Tourism Economics shows a week by week outlook on travel spending in the U.S. including a look at regional and state-by-state breakdown. Findings from the April 8 report:

  • National weekly travel spending dropped to just $3.3 billion last week, down from $19.8 billion during the first week of March
  • All regions in the U.S. are experiencing travel spending declines between 82% to 86%
  • The week ending April 4th suffered a $18.6 billion loss in travel spending, an 85% drop from last year’s levels

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Tracking Search and Booking Behavior 
Track travel-related consumer behavior and strategize how to adapt to changing trends with ADARA’s real-time data. See total searches and bookings week to week. Updated daily

Car: Daily Trends Tracker
The Daily Travel Index  from Arrivalist measures consumer road trips of 50 miles or more by residents from all 50 U.S. states. The data is drawn from a panel of GPS signals representing consumer road trips taken by car. Updated approximately every 48 hours

Tracking Traveler Sentiment
Nearly half of travelers with trips in the next six months have canceled their plans completely. Take advantage of Longwoods International’s key findings on traveler sentiment around coronavirus to better navigate the current travel environment. Highlights from the April 1 survey:

  • 84% of travelers will change their plans in the next six months (same as last week)
  • 67% of travel decisions for the next six months are “greatly impacted” by COVID-19 concerns (up from  only 35% three weeks ago) 

Coronavirus Social Listening
Meredith Travel Marketing’s Social Listening Report (March 30-April 2) analyzed the discussion and trends in social media conversations. Key findings:

  • Coronavirus + Travel conversation is down 20%
  • The top five most-mentioned states this week: New York, Florida, California, Washington and Texas

COVID-19 Tracker
The Harris Poll COVID-19 Tracker provides weekly insights on a regular cadence to keep you informed of the shifts in sentiment and behaviors. View the findings from the April 3-5 poll.

  • Americans are planning longer-term purchases: 19% say they are considering buying new household goods, furniture or appliances
  • Americans say they will prepare for something like this in the future by keeping more money in savings (59%) and stockpiling non-perishable foods (33%)

Brand Trust and the Coronavirus Pandemic
Edelman Intelligence provides a global look at the critical role brands are expected to play during the coronavirus pandemic. Key findings from the March 23-26 study:

  • 65% agreed: “How likely a brand responds to this crisis will have a huge impact on my likelihood to buy that brand in the future”
  • 71% agreed: “Brands and companies that I see placing their profits before people during this crisis will lose my trust forever”

Impact of Coronavirus on Travel Intentions
MMGY’s new survey tracks traveler sentiment and looks at impact on travel with regard to planning, booking and cancellations, as well as intention to travel over the next six months. Key findings from March 27:

  • The likelihood of taking a leisure trip in the next 6 months has declined by more than 50% in past month
  • Travelers feel safest now in personal vehicles and least safe on cruises and international flights
  • Business travelers generally feel safer traveling than leisure travelers

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