Attacks On State Tourism Promotion Don’t Add Up

Op-Ed from Roger Dow, President & CEO of U.S. Travel Association

When a state government invests in tourism promotion, it’s a win for economic growth, job creation and tax revenues.  The evidence is simply overwhelming.
Despite these obvious benefits, destination marketers have inexplicably found themselves in the crosshairs of state budget cutters.  Since the beginning of this year, elected officials in at least seven states have proposed slashing or eliminating state tourism promotion budgets. . .

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Highlighted examples from the article:

  • Every dollar New Mexico invested in its “New Mexico True” campaign generated $7 in tax revenue (not to mention $72 in visitor spending at local businesses.)
  • The “Lake Erie Love” campaign has made the once little-known Lake Erie Shores & Islands one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Midwest-and every dollar invested comes back fourfold in terms of tax revenue.
  • Nashville’s adoption of the “Music City” brand-and its continued investment in travel and tourism, even through the Great Recession-has yielded significant results: developments such as the city’s new Music City Center have helped attract more than $5 billion in visitor spending, directly supporting 58,000 jobs-and drawing in more than $1 billion in new development.

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Montana Tourism Numbers Stay Strong

Several metrics show strong industry growth.

  • Glacier National Park sets June visitation record
  • Yellowstone visitation cracks over 800,000 in June, second best on record
  • Montana Hotels reach record sales in 2016 with $730 million, a 6% increase
  • In first 3 months, hotel sales hit another record with a 5% jump

Visitor graph from Institute on Tourism & Recreation Research